With the ever-changing business environment, we now more than ever understand the need for businesses to have specialists at hand to assist with comprehensive forensic and internal audit services, as well as to ensure that proper risk management; compliance functions and a zero tolerance towards fraud and corruption are in place.

Ligwa is a wholly black owned professional services firm that boasts a multidisciplinary team of professionals that focuses on providing value adding services to its clients since 2010.

Our values are important because they guide our behaviour. We strive to be client-centric and offer value for money to our clients through:

✅ Unparalleled value for money to our clients

Consistent professionalism in our dealings

Integrity in our business dealings

Understanding and appreciating our client needs

Ensuring the highest possible quality of outputs

To be the top-tier professional services provider and employer.

To provide unparalleled forensic and advisory services through consistent, quality and value adding offerings to our clients.

To foster an enabling environment for our employees through talent identification, development and fulfilment.